Table of contents

Hello and welcome to the ever expanding table of contents!

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Introduction, victory conditions and factions


Planet (and victory conditions)

The UN Peacekeepers

Gaia’s Stepdaughters

University of Planet

The Human Hive

Morgan Industries

The Lord’s Believers

The Spartan Federation

The Cult of Planet

The Cybernetic Consciousness

The Nautilus Pirates

The Data Angels

The Free Drones

The Manifold Usurpers

The Manifold Caretakers

Chapter 1: New beginnings on a new planet


Applied Physics

Industrial Base

The Merchant Exchange


Recycling tanks

The Human Genome Project

Information Networks

Network node

Social Psych

Recreation commons

Doctrine: Mobility

Command center

Centauri Ecology

The Weather Paradigm

Progenitor Psych


Chapter two: Foundations and fundamentals


Nonlinear Mathematics

High-energy Chemistry

Secrets of the Human Brain


Polymorphic Software

Planetary Networks

Hologram theatre

The Virtual World


Industrial Economics

Energy bank

Free market

Ethical Calculus

Children’s crèche


Doctrine: Loyalty

Perimeter defense

The Command Nexus

Police state

Doctrine: Flexibility

Pressure dome

Field Modulation


Chapter three: At the base of the tower


Optical computers

Adaptive doctrine

Advanced subatomic theory


Gene splicing

Research hospital

Industrial automation

Hab complex

The planetary transit system


Intellectual integrity

The citizen’s defense force

Centauri empathy

Biology lab

The Empath Guild