A note on this bibliography: this is mainly intended as a list of recommended further readings, and as a way to keep track of just how many works have been (if only ever so casually) referenced during the course of the posts. As such, it will only include author, title and year of first publication (in English, where applicable). This should give you enough information to be able to go find the interesting books for yourself, without burdening me with the task of keeping track of which publisher is located where. For older works that have been in print since forever, the process would quickly devolve into finding a random edition and settling on it for the sake of completion. (Add to this the fact that I read most of these works in Swedish, and the arbitrariness compounds.) Given that this would add very little, what follows is as is. I trust that your interest will guide you towards finding a suitable edition, even if it happens to be the one copy they keep at the local library.

A second note: this bibliography is from the future, and includes references not made in the blog posts yet. If you are worried about spoilers, then head on over to the chapter-by-chapter list of works cited.

But enough ado.


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Horse_ebooks (2010):

Kafka, Franz (1961): Parables and Paradoxes. In-work references all point to various sub-pages of this URL: Some typos have been corrected

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Stipanovich, Nick (2015-2016): Paean to SMAC. Meditations on Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. In order to read from the beginning, go to the bottom of this page and work your way upwards:

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