As you might already have gathered, this is a blog dedicated to discussing all the things found in the 1999 computer game Alpha Centauri. An exact definition of “all the things” was given in the introductory post, alongside a host of other interesting methodological considerations, so I suggest reading it for the technical details. Here, I will give only the briefest of overviews of who I am and why I’m undertaking such a monumental task.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, I start a new blog. Most of the time, I come up with a concept and then write things to suit it. These are open-ended projects with potentially infinite amount of posts, just waiting for me to get the idea to write them. You can find links to these other blogs in the sidebar, as well as a link to my Patreon. The Patreon link is not only a subtle hint, but it also contains the only online description of each of the blogs from previous years. Do check it out.

Given that this is the tenth blog created in this fashion, I figured I’d do something different. Something with a beginning, middle and end, and a finite number of posts to it. Turning my attention to one of my favorite and most fondly remembered computer games seemed like a proper fit. There are other possible things to write, to be sure, but I figure turning to something I already know will be a useful learning experience.

Make no mistake. This is the longest thing I’ve written in my entire life. There might be more of these things. If I manage to turn this into a one book per year kind of situation, then it would be a good learning experience indeed.

To preempt the question: yes, I plan to gather all the posts into one single (free!) pdf document once the writing (and blog publishing) process is complete. Other forms of publication are not impossible.

This page is getting wordy, so let’s answer some questions real quick. Yes, the url is a reference to John Harrison’s novel The Centauri Device. Yes, I am aware of the other blog which wrote about all the things in SMAC (and grateful to it for the inspiration to write my own version of it). Yes, “something magnificent and extraordinary” is a play on the SMAX abbreviation. And yes, there will be a bibliography of all the references made in the posts.

I do think this just about covers it. Thanks for reading, and if you read any of the posts, even more thanks for reading.

Stay hydrated!